There are many fractures that can occur in the upper limb – with some common ones being a fractured wrist, elbow or shoulder. These fractures can be managed by either a sling/plaster/splint or they may need surgery. There are many surgical options which include; a reduction under anaesthetic, using wires, screws, plates or a joint replacement.

If you have had a joint dislocation of your shoulder, elbow or fingers, your biggest concerns would be; Have I done any damage and will this happen to me again? This all depends on which joint has dislocated and what other injuries you may have caused. Some injuries will not need surgery whilst others may need a stabilisation or reconstruction.

We also see patients who have had tendon and ligament injuries. These may include hand lacerations, work injuries and sporting ligament injuries. We will discuss management options of these injuries with you.

We strive to see trauma patients promptly and discuss all management options for their particular case.