What is it: Morton’s Neuroma is a condition where the nerve between the toes (usually between the 3rd and 4th toe) gets compressed causing pain at the base of these toes, often with numbness and tingling that radiates down into the toes.

Management: Morton’s Neuroma can be treated operatively or non-operatively. Dr Unsworth-Smith will assess and diagnose your bunion and decide whether surgery is an option for you. Nonoperative management may include a cortisone injection, alternate foot wear and innersoles.

Surgical management includes an incision over the top of the foot with excision of the compressed nerve and surrounding inflamed tissue.

Postoperatively: Patients are safe to go home on the day of surgery. You will be provided with a surgical shoe to protect the wound for the first 2 weeks. Return to most activities is between 6-8 weeks.