Lis Franc/Midfoot fracture

What is it: A Lis Franc injury is any injury to the small bones or ligaments to the midfoot. If left untreated these injuries can lead to chronic pain, collapse of the arch of the foot or midfoot arthritis.

Management: Initial assessment will involve a clinical review combined with radiological assessment of the injury. Dr Unsworth-Smith will assess your injury and determine if surgical management is required. If the joints of the midfoot are unstable then surgery will most likely be needed. Surgery will depend on the severity of the injury but will commonly involve 2 incision on the top of the foot. Depending on the pattern of injury surgical options range from the use of tightropes, screws, wires and/or plates to restore the normal anatomy of the foot.

Postoperatively: Patients can go home on the day of surgery or the following day depending on the severity of the injury. You will have an ankle block during surgery to help reduce postoperative pain. You will be placed in a plaster for 2 weeks at which time your wound will be reviewed and changed to a walking boot. For the next 4 weeks you will be touch weight bear in the boot only. From 6 to 12 weeks you will be allowed to walk as tolerated in the boot. Metal work may require removal. For wires this will be done at 6 weeks and for plates and screws this would be 6 months. Return to most activities is between 4-6 months with full recovery expected between 9-12months.