What is it: Toes become mal-aligned due to an imbalance of the muscles that move the small joints of the toes. It can cause pain on the under surface of the foot or tops of the toes. Painful callosities can develop in these reasons due to abnormal pressure or rubbing of toes in patient’s footwear. Depending on the imbalances, patients can develop deformities such as Claw Toe, Hammer Toe or Mallet toe.

Management: Lesser toe deformities can be treated operatively or non-operatively. Dr Unsworth-Smith will assess and diagnose your feet and decide whether surgery is an option for you. Initial management of lesser toe deformities is often conservative with advice on footwear modifications and pain medications. Surgical options depend on the deformities and the cause of these deformities but can include: bone cuts to shorten or change the direction of bones, lengthening tendons and/or fusing joints. Patients may have a wire inserted into the toes as part of the surgery. This will require removal at 6 weeks. The surgery often requires an incision over the top of the foot and/or over the joints of the toes.

Postoperatively: Patients will be safe to go home on the day of surgery or the following day depending on the extent of surgery required. You will be able to walk in a surgical shoe directly after the surgery. The wounds will be checked at 2 weeks. Return to post activities is between 6-12 weeks.