Ingrown Toe Nail/Wedge Resection

What is it: A wedge resection is performed for toe nails that have recurrent infection. Most commonly the infection involves the big toe. The infection occurs because the toe nail becomes ingrown into the nail fold.

Management: Ingrown Toe Nails can be treated operatively or non-operatively depending on the patients symptoms. Dr Unsworth-Smith will assess and diagnose your Ingrown Toe Nail and decide if surgery is required.

Surgery involves removing the outside fifth of the toenail and the underlying cells that causes the nail to grow. The result is a slightly narrower nail with a minimal chance of further infections.

Post-operative: Patients will be allowed to leave on the day of surgery. You will be allowed to Weight bear in a surgical shoe. Dressings are to remain intact until 10-14 days when you will be seen in clinic where sutures will be removed.