Cavovarus Reconstruction/High Arch Surgery

What is it: A Cavovarus foot is characterised by a high arch, inverted hell and claw toes.
Cavo varus foot reconstruction surgery aims to realign the heel bone, decrease the height of the arch and improve tendon function. It is required for a number of problems including Stress fractures in the 5th Metatarsal (bone of the little toe) or multiple sprained ankles.

Management: Cavovarus Foot/High Arch Feet can be treated operatively or non-operatively depending on the patients symptoms. Dr Unsworth-Smith will assess and diagnose your Cavovarus/High Arch foot and decide whether surgery is an option for you. Non-operative management includes rest, physio, anti-inflammatory medications innersoles and specific footwear.

Surgery involves: a Calcaneal osteotomy (bone cuts to change the position of the heel bone), 1st Metatarsal osteotomy (bone cut to flatten the foot) tendon transfer on the outside of the foot and tendon lengthening on the inside of the foot.

Postoperatively: Depending on the surgery, patient will either be safe to go home on the day of surgery or may need to stay in hospital overnight. You will be placed in a plaster cast for 2 weeks. You will then be required to be in a boot for another 4 weeks with protected weight bearing. Formal Physiotherapy will begin at 6 weeks. Return to most activities will be between 6-9 months with full recovery at 12 months