What is it: Ankle stabilisation surgery is reserved for patients who have had multiple instability episodes (sprained ankles). Many people suffer from sprained ankles and the majority of these can be treated non-operatively with rest and physiotherapy. If this treatment fails then repairing/reconstructing the ankle ligaments may be offered to prevent instability and risk of further damage to the ankle.

Management: Dr Timothy Unsworth-Smith will assess and diagnose your instability and decide whether ankle stabilisation surgery is an option for you.

Surgery involves and small incision on the outside of the ankle (distal fibula) where the torn ligaments are identified, shortened and repaired using suture anchors.

Postoperatively: Patients are safe to go home on the day of surgery. You will be placed in a cast for 2 weeks where you will be transferred to a boot after this. At this time you can weight bear as tolerated in the boot for the next 4 weeks. Physio will commence at 6 weeks. Return to normal activities will be between 6-18 weeks and full recovery by 6 months.