What is it: Ankle arthroscopy or key hole surgery is surgery performed with the use of a camera and special instruments through small incisions around the ankle. It is a useful way to treat a variety of conditions including cartilage damage, scar tissue, bone spurs, loose bodies and ankle impingement.

Management: Ankle arthroscopy is used for the treatment of the previously mentioned conditions but may also be used in conjunction with other procedures such as ankle stabilization and syndesmosis/high ankle sprains. Routine portals or incisions used are two small 0.5-1cm incisions at the front of the ankle. A camera is used in one of these incisions to assess the ankle and the pathology. The special arthroscopic instruments are used in the other portal to address the patient’s pathology.

Postoperatively: Depending on what was involved in the surgery you will be able to go home on the day of surgery or the following day. Your weight bearing status will also be dictated by what was involved in the surgery however most patients are allowed to weight bear as tolerated. Your wounds will be checked at 2 weeks at which time you can begin physiotherapy. Return to most activities is between 6-12 weeks.